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Inspiring Purpose is a character discovery activity; young people learn about character, virtues and strengths and use these to define their purpose, goals and vision for a better world.

Our Mission: To inspire purpose as a way of being in all young people.


Current Programmes

We are currently running two projects within the Inspiring Purpose programme. The first is ‘Global Citizens in the Making’ which was originally created in partnership with Legacy 2014 to support the Commonwealth Games. We have now developed a ‘new and improved’ version of the poster which is more generic and can be used in a wider context outside of the Commonwealth Games. The project also focuses on the values of the world and on building global citizenship. It is well aligned with Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland and works well with SMSC in England.

Our second project is ‘Inspiring Purpose: WW1’ which was created to commemorate the First World War Centenary and works in partnership with the First World War Centenary commemorations throughout the UK. The poster programme is based on historic values allowing young people to explore the history of the First World War and learn more about this period of time (this is done through research of a WWI poem, figure and photo/image) in addition to reflecting on their own personal values, sources of gratitude and their vision for a better world. The project works well in both an RME/PSHE/Citizenship context as well as in History lessons.



To find out more, apply, access resources and pupil guides visit Global Citizens in the Making



To find out more, apply, access resources and pupil guides visit WW1:Inspiring Purpose

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